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Apply NOW for the 2015 intake. 

Application deadline is extended to December 22, Monday

Due to the maintenance upgrade of our application system in the past week that caused a considerable amount of time lost in starting new applications and completing existing ones, the PhD Office is extending the deadline to December 22, Monday.

We are now processing applications for completion of those who have already submitted. We will be in touch if we need you to update us with missing or unclear documents. For those whose applications are still in the 'saved' status, kindly allow us to have an access to it by submitting your application in order for us to have an access to it and help you follow up with your missing recommenders and documents. Missing recommenders can still submit their forms within the month of December. We will get in touch with them once we have an access to their details.

Please read instructions below before starting your application. We encourage you all to submit your applications early for the admissions office to get a headstart in processing applications.

Som gentle reminders:

  • For re-applicants, submit a new application for 2015 intake 
  • If you are applying to two areas, accomplish two sets of application forms, including uploading documents.
  • Make it a habit to save your application by clicking the 'Save' button on the right-hand navigation bar to avoid losing any changes to your application.
  • You are able to check the status of your recommendation submission only when you have submitted your application. On your dashboard, the status will be reflected. This will also allow the Admissions Office to have an access to your application and make the necessary follow ups.
  • It is highly encouraged that you submit your application by the deadline even if your recommenders will only be able to submit their forms after it. Submitting your application will allow us to have access to their details and make the necessary follow ups with them.
  • Recommendation letters: Click on the link 'Send an email to your recommenders now' on section of Letters of Recommendation in order to send the email to your recommenders that contains the form. 
  • Recommenders are required to use the recommendation form sent to their email addresses
  • Your recommender must use Adobe Acrobat Reader when saving the PDF to their computer and making changes to it
  • The same email contains the link to upload the recommendation form
  • Your recommenders can submit anytime, even before you submit your application by uploading the recommendation form via the link provided in the email.  Should your recommenders have any difficulties accessing or saving PDF, please email us at with their name and email address, as well as your application details (name, email and area of specialisation).
  • Do not forget to submit the Supplementary Information Survey Link as part of your application. This can be found under the Supporting Documents Section of the main application form. To accomplish this form, you need internet connection. Please submit the form only once.

Do you have any questions about admissions? Visit our Admissions FAQs page or join us for Skype Admissions chat. Add to your contact list and chat with us.

To ensure successful application to the programme, complete all applicable fields on the application form, including the Supplementary Information Survey Link (under the Supporting Documents section) and submit it along with e-copies of your original supporting documents, statement of purpose and application fee payment on or before the deadline stipulated. Incomplete applications will not be processed nor entertained.

Please note important details before you accomplish the application form.  We encourage you to read through the instructions first before contacting the PhD Office, as most of the answers to your questions can be found in the FAQs section of the website.

  • Minimium admission requirements, click here.
  • Admission FAQs, click here.
  • Application form FAQs, click here.

Online application instructions: 

1. To successfully access the online application, download or upgrade your browsers to the following (minimum requirements):

a. Internet Explorer 9 or above
b. Firefox 8 and above
c. Chrome 10
d. Safari 5 and above
e. Opera 10 and above

2. Select the appropriate application form corresponding to your chosen area of specialisation. If you are applying for two areas, you need to accomplish two application forms and go thru the complete process of applying twice (uploading the documents, sending the recommendation links, accomplishing the supplementary information survey form and paying online).

3. Once you have started accomplishing the application, make it a habit to save it regularly to avoid losing any changes or data. The 'Save' button is found on the right-hand column of your application page.

4. For the photo required, please submit a passport-sized photo.

5. On the 'Supporting Documents' section/page

a. Before you upload any supporting documents in PDF, you need to re-size your attachments to a maximum of 1MB only. There are number of free online software to compress your PDF files into smaller sizes. Examples are and

b. Accomplish the Supplementary information survey form as this contains additional information that the main application could not capture. Internet connection is required to accomplish this survey form.

6. Letters of Recommendation

a. The letters of recommendation are done online. Your referees will receive an email request that is triggered by the online application, when you click on the link 'Send an email to your recommenders now'. You will be notified, too, that your referees have received this request.

b. When entering the details of your referees, ensure that you enter their correct 'official' email address. Yahoo, gmail, hotmail, outlook, aol, etc are not acceptable.

c. IMPORTANT: Refrain from clicking more than once the link 'Send an email to your recommenders now' to avoid unnecessary email requests sent to your referees.

d. Your recommenders can now provide / upload their recommendation letter even if you have not submitted your application to INSEAD. Recommenders need to follow the link on the email to upload the letter to your particular application. If they are recommending you to two areas, they need to upload the form to two separate links that are sent in two separate emails (corresponding to the area you are applying to).

7. Once you have completed the application form, submit it by clicking on the 'Submit' button on the right-hand column of the portal. Do not just 'Save' the form, as this will not be considered as submitted.

8. Once you have submitted the form, you will be directed to the online payment portal to pay for the application fee. Please note your order reference # on the payment page to keep and future reference. Without the payment, your application will not be considered for admissions by the PhD Admissions Committee.

To ensure successful application, complete all the applicable fields on the application form, submit it along with ALL supporting documents required for admission including letters of recommendation, statement of purpose and application fee payment on or before the stipulated deadline. Incomplete applications will not be processed nor entertained.


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